Our leggings, hoodies and bags are all made using recycled polyester (RPET). Certified by the GRS (Global Recycle Standard), you will be wearing fabric manufactured from repurposed plastic bottles. Approximately 20 used PET (plastic) bottles are used per metre of our fabric.




The process is as follows:


Not only does this recycling process divert excess plastic from going into landfill, it has the added bonus of using less energy to make the new recycled yarn than regular ‘virgin’ polyester fibre manufacturing.



The cotton in our sweaters is 100% organic, and GOTS certified ( Global Organic Textile Standard). Our fabric comes from a ‘circular’ textile mill, where waste generated from manufacturing the fibres and fabrics is reused in continuous manufacturing processes.

Our cotton has not been grown in Xinjiang Province in China, which has been linked to human rights abuses of the Uighur people.


All of our fabrics are dyed in OKEO TEX dye houses, which ensures no harmful chemicals are released into outside watercourses, and also, will not be in contact with your skin.



Where possible, we have used the absolute best quality earth friendly trim and components we can find.

Our zips are YKK NATULON®, which are post consumer recycled polyester, and are fully recyclable when their lifetime in our garment is complete.

Our bag woven linings and wadding are also 100% recycled polyester.



However much we love polyester for activewear- it has sweat wicking, colourfast properties that make our garments fit for purpose- it is no secret that it releases tiny filaments into the water when washed.

This can be reduced by using one of the many filter washing bags on sale, or by installing a special filter onto your washing machine. You can also use a much shorter wash cycle with less water consumption. Read more on caring for your recycled stretch garments HERE.


We now accept your old, unloved, badly fitting, wrong colour, not quite me, or end of life activewear in return for a £10 Kit Change voucher.

Our aim is to think twice about what should be thrown away, and to create more opportunity out of waste.

If your donations are fit to be re-worn (our preferred option), the first port of call will be Sharewear, the South Yorkshire/East Midlands based charity helping alleviate the effects of exercise poverty with it’s No Wear To Run campaign. Activity and exercise is a crucial part of mental and physical health for many people, but purchasing activewear is not always a realistic option to those living in poverty.

We will be sending our old samples and development garments to the scheme – we want all women to have access to sport and exercise clothing.

If we receive anything not fit to be reused, we will send it to SOEX a global textile recycling specialist. They recycle and  upcycle all types of fabrics into either new fabrics, or other products such as insulation materials.

If you want to support Sharewear with other items of clothing (not just the No Wear To Run scheme), take a look at their website to see how you can help.


  • Pack your clean, dry item(s), securely in your own waterproof packaging.
  • Enclose a slip of paper with your email address, so we can send you your voucher.
  • Send your parcel to us at:




DE22 1DZ


You will receive your £10 Kit Change voucher by email to the email address you provide within 7 days of us receiving your item(s)


  • You are responsible for the cost of the postage.
  • This scheme is limited to one voucher per customer every six months.
  • Only one recycling voucher can be redeemed per purchase.
  • Your recycling voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is valid for 6 months.
  • All other voucher terms apply as detailed in point 22 of our terms and conditions.



All of our sizing, fibre content and care information is printed directly onto each garment. As well as adding an extra, unnecessary fabric component to a garment, most of these sewn in labels are ultimately cut off due to skin irritation, so we choose not to add this on.

We do not receive, nor repack any of our products in individual poly bags.

Your items will be sent out using recyclable, weatherproof mailer bags made from sugar cane. Our tissue is recycled paper, as are our stickers, which also use chemical free, non toxic glue. Our bottles are sent out using recycled wood pulp boxes and recycled paper bubble wrap.