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As seen in: Healthy Living London – Top 10 Gym Necessities

We love a pocket- most of our customers do too, which is why we were very happy to read that our FIT Pocket leggings were a part of this Top 10 Gym Necessities feature for Healthy Living London. Having a flat, tight pocket on the side of each leg means you can keep your phone/keys safe during activity, without compromising on extra zips or not fitting everything into a smaller waistband pocket. If you like your belongings to be easy access, then these are the leggings for you! It also keeps your high waistband clean and clear of obstructions.

Our RUN leggings have a large outer zip pocket that covers the height of the high waistband,  we felt an alternative pocket leggings option would also be welcome- and it has been. We even developed a 7/8th length of the original pocket leggings, as a result of customer demand. Now women of all heights can wear these sustainable leggings with pockets.

Tester Jessie also said:  ‘I’ve…felt very good knowing there are brands out there producing high quality activewear that feels comfortable, looks amazing on, and is assisting the environment by recycling our previous waste’. As you know, we are trying to make sports and fitness leggings eco- friendly as well as stylish, useful and performance driven, so this feature is particularly important to us.

FIT Pocket legging, XS- 2XL