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Fit and Well- ‘How sustainable is your workout gear?’

It’s #plasticfreejuly, what are we doing in an article about being plastic free, you may wonder?

Well- if you’ve read up on our other blog post about how recycled polyester is made ( if not, click HERE, it’s really interesting!), then you will know that even though our fabric started life as single use plastic bottles, it is now part of a recycled, 2nd lease of life useful item. We have reduced some actual physical, non biodegradable waste, quickly clogging up landfill and oceans, and made it into something with a purpose.

In the fitness clothing industry, there is STILL so much virgin polyester (plastic), using all the new crude oil and creating all the new emissions you already know about. This virgin fabric cannot be recycled into anything once it’s life is over, at present. We are saying goodbye to all of that unnecessary virgin fabric, and creating long lasting, good quality, fit for purpose pieces of sports and fitness kit, developed from an already repurposed piece of plastic.

It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

What IS important to us, is how something negative has been turned into a positive, and we seriously hope that there will be no bottles left to do this very soon….looking for a new sustainable fabric is exactly what we want to have to do. Our recycled polyester leggings being featured in articles like this one by Fit & Well means our kit is still competing with the big brands in terms of performance, there really is no excuse not to look towards the future.


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