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Conscious care for your activewear


Your sportswear is an investment. Care for it, use it often, make it worth the purchase, and your hard earned cash.

Sports and fitness clothing has long used polyester due to it’s technical capabilities. The very properties that make it fit for purpose for fit and performance, also make it originally, a majorly polluting fabric. Things have changed- and our fabric solves the problem of repurposing waste plastic, along side avoiding the need for any polluting virgin polyester to be produced.

Whether your fitness and sportswear uses a sustainable material or not as its base, most polyester or man made fibres still have some issues. Microfibre release is a major concern, our recycled polyester fabric is made from filament yarn, which is the smoothest, longest, least shedding option. Still- we all have to take measures to lengthen the life of our clothes in general.

These are our tips on how to lengthen the life of your activewear, and to reduce the amount of waste you generate by protecting the things you already own.