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Beat the summer heat: FIT sustainable shorts

WOW! It’s a hot one….but you still want to go do your thing.

Gym/bike shorts are a great alternative to long leggings in the heat, especially if you can count on them NOT to work their way up your thigh every time you squat or move.

We’ve had some pretty serious love for our new shorts- originally an idea for a small limited order, but now a part of our collection due to the great feedback we have received.

Don’t just take our word for it,  have a look through the press features we have been a part of in the past couple of weeks, all genuinely tried and tested by the wearers.

Repetitive movement plus sweat makes for very uncomfortable skin in hot situations. We were asked to comment for the Fit & Well article, on why our recycled FIT shorts are so good at NOT moving.

‘Vicky Windle, co-founder of Kit Change adds: “To avoid rubbing, lightweight, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabrics are the best option as they provide a smoother, softer finish on the outside which reduces any irritation on bare skin in contact with the fabric.  ”

“Kit Change running kit is made from recycled polyester – made from waste plastic bottles- and is developed with a very high elastane content so the four-way stretch factor really works in your favour and ensures the garment only moves with you, not against you.” ‘

Bottom line-  our recycled polyester fibres are filament spun, it makes the fabric smooth on the outside, which means a smooth pass for the opposite leg.

We had another great review in The Sun-“Boasting each pair of anti-chafe shorts being made out of 10 recycled plastic bottles, Kit Change have the environment at the forefront of their minds.These shorts are super soft recycled polyester, sweat-wicking and breathable and are available in black up to size XXL.The high elastane content in the shorts mean they’re designed to stretch and contort with your body, without causing any skin irritation.

We tried them out under an over-sized tee for walking, spinning and rock climbing, but these would be great for casual wear too – so they’re not just exercising.We found they were so stretchy, and didn’t hold us back or feel like they were nipping in uncomfortably at the waist. They felt tight though, but we saw it as extra security, with the same effects as shapewear.”

Metro also had some great anti chafing options, and we were the only sustainable option amongst some pretty big powerhouse brands.
FIT sustainable shorts, XS- 2XL