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As seen in: Marie Claire ‘Sustainable Activewear-25 brands to shop now’

Marie Claire is one of our favourite ever reads, and a total powerhouse in terms of positive, informative female led information, – so we are delighted our sustainable leggings featured in this list of conscious workout options.

It’s no secret that heightened environmental awareness, and doing more to cut our own personal footprint is more important than ever. One of the reasons we decided to start Kit Change was to be part of changing the negative impact of fashion and clothing- an area where we have both spent most of our professional lives.

Having worked with high street fast fashion brands in both the UK and USA, seeing the impact of the industry first hand couldn’t be avoided. We have seen the huge amounts of fabric being made, seen the waste, been a part of the constant buying to satisfy consumer demand, and seen factories broken by pricing and competition between each other to maintain their business with the big guys out there. We both felt it was time for a change.

Whatever words you want to use- ethical, conscious, eco, sustainable, friendly- most of us mean the same thing when we say them. What we want is to be able to make a better choice, and we can’t do that if the choice isn’t available to us. Or- if we can’t afford it!

Here at Kit Change, we will always be open and honest about what we choose to do and why, so here is our current manifesto:

– to always know where each component comes from, to have visited each factory we use, to have spoken to the people who work there, and keep our supply chain small and tight.

– to use a fabric that turns a negative, waste element into a positive, useful commodity. It is still waste plastic, but we want to try and relieve some pressure on the physical amount of waste literally floating around the world, rather than use a newly produced more natural fibre, for now.

–  to only use certified recycled mills, and Oeko-tex accredited dye houses so we have no harmful chemicals in our supply chain.

– to pay extra to make small orders of key styles, rather than be bound to the Minimum order Quantities (called MOQ in the industry), which encourages extra clothing to just sit there in order for the brand to buy at a cheaper price.

– to design and test our recycled activewear so it is fit for purpose, is useful, and has a long life.

– to produce the garments at a small family factory we had seen struggling to keep going in the highly competitive fashion environment. We know exactly who makes our kit, and have known them a very long time.

– to have a strategy for the end of the garments’ life- polyester currently is not recyclable into a new fabric, so we choose to support a charity scheme which gives unwanted sports and fitness wear to women in clothing poverty. Anything not fit to use is upcycled into upholstery filler.

This may change, new developments happen all the time, but this basic set of rules means we are focused, and can offer quality, long lasting items to our customers. After all, there is no point making fitness and sportswear that still needs to be thrown away.

We can all make more of a positive impact, we should not have to stop doing the things we love – but, we do need to make better choices.

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The Marie Claire article has some great information.

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